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The Universities with the Strongest Global Reputation

Harvard University has the strongest global reputation in 2018 - taking the top spot for the eighth consecutive year.

The University of Tokyo (pictured) was the top-ranked university in Asia (ranking 13th globally).

The Top 10 most prestigious universities in the world, as voted for by academics internationally, were as follows:

1. Harvard (US)

2. MIT (US)

3. Stanford (US)

4. Cambridge (UK)

5. Oxford (UK)

6. Berkeley (US)

7. Princeton (US)

8. Yale (US)

=9. UCLA (US)

=9. Chicago (US)

Why are there no Asian universities in the Top 10? Probably because they are relatively newer (most of them have been building their reputation over the past 25 years, whereas the Ivy League universities in the US and Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the UK have been building their reputations for excellence over hundreds of years.

For the full survey results, see the link


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