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SAT Workshops- 30 hours

At Swordbridge we provide a highly focused, individual approach to SAT Prep.


We start with a diagnostic test, to assess your current strengths and weaknesses. We then help you to improve your score – whether it be grammar, writing, reading or math skills, we use our deep knowledge and experience of the SAT Test to show you what you need to do.


It’s not just about knowledge, it’s also about knowing the right techniques for this specific exam.


We strongly advocate a lot of practice – the high scorers have all practiced extensively. We will test you along the way, and give you as much work to do in your own time as you can manage. Your ongoing scores will give you up-to-date feedback on your progress.


To discuss your SAT Prep needs in more detail, call us on 016 321 7796 or email


ACT Preparation- 20 hours

Our ACT Prep approach, as with our SAT approach, begins with a full diagnostic test to determine your current strengths and weaknesses. Then we will work with you to improve all the areas where you need to improve.


Every person learns differently and our skill is in identifying your unique, individual learning style, so as to help you maximize your score.


If you are committed to achieving a top score, we recommend you do a lot of practice in your own time as well – and we can provide you with a program to match your individual needs.


To discuss your ACT Prep needs in more detail, call us on 016 321 7796 or email

SAT Workshops and Practice Programs

Test Prep

SAT & ACT Test
Preparation Programs

At Swordbridge, we have a passion for tests and for helping students to boost their test scores.


Our senior tutors hold SAT or ACT scores at the 99th percentile, and all our tutors have scores at a minimum 95th percentile level.


From our long experience, we know that nearly all students, with the correct guidance and motivation, can increase their scores.


Getting a good score in an academic test can create life-changing opportunities - the top scorers can gain access to the best universities in the world.

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