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New Option - Online Delivery of SAT Workshops and SAT Practice Programs

Swordbridge Test Prep is pleased to announce the introduction of live online learning options for all of our SAT Workshops and SAT Practice Programs. Participants can work from home if they wish, following the tutorials as they are delivered, asking questions real-time, and participating in all exercises, drills and practice tests.

Our programs continue to be held in our office, as normal. Feedback from all of you is that you enjoy the group participation and interaction in our workshops and programs, and you value coming to our office environment for your focused learning.

However, the Covid-19 Coronavirus situation globally is changing daily, and so we want you to have the option of joining our workshops and programs online if you prefer. When you contact us to book a place on one of our programs, just let us know that you are interested in the online option.

[And if you would like further details of the Covid-19 Protocols that we are following in our office, just click here].


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